ESPcat The Plan to Change the World

Surely there must be a plan.  Some kind of grand scheme would be nice.  Building the solar powered boat seems like a huge task as I stare into the empty hole that was once the cabin but I have a bigger plan in mind.

2015-11-05 13.51.40

I could simply build ESPcat and cruise away into the sunset with my Honey.  Come to think of it, that’s not a bad idea.  But no; building just one ESPcat will not be enough.  I want to look out on the harbor and see dozens of ESPcats gliding around.   I have other ideas as well.  So how am I going to accomplish all of that that?

First things first.  First I have to prove that the ESPcat idea will work.  I accept that there is a fair bit to do just building the prototype.  Today, I spent most of the day designing a stainless steel bracket system to hold the floor support beams together so the floor doesn’t cave in.  Then comes the……. and the…..  You get the idea.   But with all that work in mind, it is still important to have a big plan.  A vision.  A dream?

In the process of building the prototype, I am designing a kit.  The kit will be assembled by my friend Craig.  There are plenty of boat builders who know how to build boats but not so many who know how to build a solar powered boat.  The solar power propulsion kit will supply everything needed to propel a solar powered boat.  We will do deals with boat designers and boat builders so multiple ESPcats will be built both in New Zealand but overseas as well.  The beauty of it all, is that I am not trying to get rich.  I’m too old to care much about money.  I just want to change the world!  Is that asking too much?

The cost of solar panels and batteries is coming down every day and so will the price of the kit.  With the kit, we will also supply key design information on hull and cabin design to ensure that future ESPcats will perform at least as well as the prototype.  We will also supply a service to remotely monitor each ESPcat to make sure nothing is about to fail.  But wait, there’s more.

I want tourists to enjoy solar powered boating also.   Most boats available for charter, are designed to ram and crash, roar, smoke and plow their way through the environment rather then getting in amongst it with ESP.  I want to create a cooperative of ESPcat owners so that ESPcats can be made available for charter.  What better way for tourists to enjoy the fantastic environment of New Zealand or any other country, than to glide quietly around in their own charter boat with no noise or smell or environmental destruction.

And then there is education.  Students can study the environment from an ESPcat platform.   The magic of solar power will fire the imagination and stir the soul of every budding student we can get on board.  I will set the prototype up with water quality measurement instrumentation and under water cameras so ESPcat becomes a floating laboratory.

I have other ideas and I’ll bet you have ideas too and I want to hear them.


4 thoughts on “ESPcat The Plan to Change the World

  1. in the words of Macklemore
    Don’t try to change the world, find something that you love, And do it every day, Do that for the rest of your life and eventually, the world will change


  2. Hey John! Loving hearing about your project, I reckon it has real potential. World-changing potential that is, or at least the potential to increase alt energy momentum.

    Got a few questions for you… did you plan on having 2 motors, one on each hull? Not sure if there are downsides to that, but it would make it really manourverable. And also offer redundancy. Also, were you planning on having a small petrol outboard as backup, in times where you run the batteries flat or get a fault? Guess you could run the elec motors on 20% power if the battery gets below a certain level.

    Good luck with the planning and building, keen to read more as it progresses.


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