ESPcat Leading Edge Technology

Is it steer fertilizer or is it bullshit?   I saw a sign once on a rural road in California “Steer Fertilizer $2 per Bag”.  While I didn’t stop to sample the goods, I strongly suspect that it was bullshit they where selling.   I’m not sure what I am into at the moment but whatever it is, I am up to my neck it it.

So here I am trying to change the world and all that and I am starting with replacing the floor or deck or whatever you want to call it.  After scouring the Internet I came up with something called WPC (wood plastic composite).  I found a product called Uniboard by Dotmar New Zealand.  The web site claims it is made from recycled plastic and is perfect for marine applications.  It’s strong, it’s impervious to moisture, it’s skid resistant  and it improves your sex life.  Ok maybe I added some of that but they talked it up real good so I went to have a look a it and eventually bought a couple of pieces to fill in the hole Oleg left whey he removed the cabin.  Remember?

2015-11-03 10.41.16

All went reasonably well.  I had to maneuver the dinghy under Borderline to do some of the drilling and, in fact, I haven’t finished yet but I’m getting there.  So I went back to Dotmore to purchase another couple of sheets of Uniboard.  The nice little girl at the service desk said “sorry but it will be another 4 or 5 months before we have any more of the white.  How about yellow or black?”.  Now among all the discussions I had with these people, getting samples and all, you might think that they might have mentioned that I wouldn’t actually be able to buy any more than two sheets.  Feeling no loyalty to Dotmore, I went straight to the Internet and found a replacement called Prolight by PSP Gorup.  The web site says it is WPC and comes in two colors, white and natural.

Unfortunately,  PSP are located all the way over on the North Shore of Auckland so after fighting 1.5 hours of traffic, I was told by the man at the service desk that “…it only comes in one color, natural”.  You can imagine my disappointment!  I went home in disgust to drink wine.

I decided to continue my search and came across the PSP website again and sure enough it says that it comes in two colors, natural and white.    I phoned them up and asked about the colors.  They said “oh yes it definitely comes in two colors”.   So today I drove over again.   This time it took about 2 hours as there was an accident.  After a bit of shouting, I got Darren who is skilled in anger management.  It seems that their WPC product is just foam PVC with a bit of bamboo shavings tossed in to give it a fake wood color.  It turns out that PSP have several products that are all foam PVC with different colors and different names.  Is this steer fertilizer?

Darren assured me that his foam PVC panels were superior to others that cost less and he had a brochure to prove it.   Now I am sure that the other man told me yesterday that they didn’t have any brochure and that all the foam PVC panels sold in NZ are made in China and are all the same.


So I am left cutting the leading edge of technology, or is it foam PVC and swimming in something that is definitely not steer fertilizer.   Should I stick with Uniboard.  Maybe black would be nice or should I switch to foam PVC?  I must keep the weight down and foam PVC is really light but not all that strong.  I know; I’ll look at the web again.  Maybe there is something else I can use.  Has the wind dropped enough so I can row the dinghy under Borderline and finish drilling the holes for those stainless steel brackets?  So far I haven’t killed anybody?




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