ESPcat Dinghy

The wind is howling and the sky looks threatening.  I’m sure the sun was shining a moment ago.  The weather has been terrible for several days and I want to get some work done so I have decided to venture out to Borderline in the dinghy even though conditions are not perfect.  What could go wrong?  The handle on the green bucket holding my tools could break.  The dinghy could tip over and I could drown my cellphone or even myself.  I decide to go anyway.

2015-11-20 13.53.58

I have been meaning to say something about physical fitness.  I know, this supposed to be about electric solar powered catamarans but this fitness thing is important.  My dad was a great man.  He was kind and honest and courageous.  Socrates said courage is the greatest of all virtues because without courage, none of the other virtues are possible.   Anyway, my dad was also an athlete.  While a student at the University of Maine, he held the state record in the 220 yards (I think that was the distance).  Like most men of his time, he never did much training while he was an athlete and none at all afterwards.  So by the time he was 65, and about to purchase his first decent sized boat, he was totally unfit.

After owning his 32 foot boat for only one year, the improvement in his, and my mother’s physical fitness was incredible.  Well I must say, all this rowing certainly has improved my fitness level.  Here I am, rowing against a howling gale and making almost no headway at all.   I do eventually get there. Then comes the dangerous business of climbing out of the bucking dinghy.  I have no business doing this kind of thing.  Surely I am far too old.  Everything is getting salt spray.  I wonder how the cordless drill will like that?

This is what I have been working on.

2015-11-20 14.08.18.jpg

I have been building a new deck where the cabin used to be.  There is still some hole left.  Now I have to get back into the dinghy.  This is much better than Weight Watchers even if Opra owns it.  Fitness aside, I think I had better figure a way to get Borderline onto the hard so I don’t have to row out to her every time I want to do some work.

I want to bring her ashore at high tide and secure her and let her sit in the mud when the tide goes out.  I can rig up a board (how dangerous can that be) to walk onto her.  But what if the little stones and shells damage the hull?  What if she gets a hole and water rushes in?  I have an idea.

In New Zealand we have lots of cows.  I just read that the number of cows is now over 5 million.  With only 4.5 million people, there are more then enough cows to go around.  It turns that there is a product called Cattle Road or something like that which cows can walk on and while the road is protected.   I am thinking that if I put a bit of Cattle Road under Borderline before I put he ashore at high tide, when the tide goes out, the Cattle Road will protect her bottom.  Good idea?


9 thoughts on “ESPcat Dinghy

  1. Good for you, John. You still have spirit and passion in the things you do! Meeting Natalie, Jody and George Arthur for lunch today. Wish you could join us. Judy


  2. Well Wow for you, my brother. I am only five years older than you are old, but I do not feel like joining you. However, I’m a bit jealous. Just three summers ago I was camping in a tent all the summer long, all by myself, but not this year or the last. It could be that I will never to that again. It is howling windy here today, too, and raining, and 50degrees F, warm for November, and I am going to go out for lunch, all by myself. I’ve slowed down a bit, now that I have a vehicle.


  3. The motorcycle picture said VOLUMES about your “joy of life” (or, as our French colleagues would say, “joi de vivre”). Your passion for this project is inspiring, as were your comments about your dad. Your dad and mine likely never met, but they were from the same cloth. Maybe they had met — as dad and I drove through the Kittery turnpike booth, on moving back to Maine in 2002, the toll person yelled over greetings to dad, calling him by name. She didn’t recognize me. She had been a year ahead of me at Hallowell/Farmingdale High School. Maybe your dad DID know my dad …


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