ESPcat Solar Boat Thoughts

I am thinking solar boat thoughts as I eat lunch at Howick Beach.

2015-12-04 13.00.03

It’s just a one minute drive from my house which is one minute from Howick town where I purchased my Subway lunch.  I am still trying to organize putting Borderline up on the mud where I can work on her easier.  I am building a system of pipes that I will attach to the dock to hold her in place as the tide goes in and out.

2015-12-04 14.10.25.jpg

Here are the pipes being drilled and cut to length outside my workshop in the back yard.  Note that some precision tooling is required.

2015-12-04 15.04.14.jpg

You might wonder how I learned to use this precision equipment.  My fantastic dad, who I have already mentioned, was useless with tools, mostly due to the fact that he was legally blind.  That left my brother Bill who was a great role model when it comes to the use of tools but then there was Leslie Crockett.

I just finished reading a biography of David Crockett (Davie Crockett) and I am certain that there must be some relation between these two great men.  Leslie Crockett was a little, short man with curly hair, a club foot and an eye for the ladies.  Despite being short, Leslie was a giant of a man and a wonderful mentor to my brother and me as well as to his sons and all the others who hung around “The Garage”.  Crockett ran Crockett’s Garage for many years and I spent a significant portion of my life hanging around there using all Leslie’s tools for free and absorbing Crockett wisdom.

I learned a lot from my professors at university but I never had a teacher that came close to Crockett.  Every young person should have a mentor like Leslie Crockett.  Leslie died in 1976.  He would have loved the electric solar powered catamaran project.  I hope to use ESPcat as a platform to mentor local youngsters in the finer arts of boating, ecology and solar energy.  It would be nice to give something back and repay some of the kindness I received from a great man.


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