ESPcat Solar Powered Boat Mud

I have released my two day death grip on the post hole borer from hell.  It wasn’t supposed to be like this.  Building a solar powered boat was supposed to be all about high tech saving the planet from global warming and all of that.  So how did I end up futilely attempting to drill a hole in the mud?

It started out innocently enough.  I decided to move Borderline from her pile mooring onto the shore so I could work on her easier.  My first attempt was to fasten her to the boat dock with these fancy metal arms I built.  Unfortunately, this turned out not to be a very popular idea.  It interfered with this and got in the way of that and generally pissed everyone off so I went to “Plan B”.  Plan B was to fasten her to some wooden posts sunk into the mud close to shore; thus the post hole borer.  The idea was simple enough.  I drill these holes, pop in the posts, fasten my arm thingies and Borderline settles into the mud for the next stage of construction.  Unfortunately, it all went wrong.

You see, I am blessed with the ability to come up with these fantastic ideas.  I get a fabulous, new idea every two hours.  That makes for at least 4 great ideas per working day.  Too bad that these fabulous ideas often turn out not to be all that fabulous, as in the post hole borer from hell.  Not only is this borer thing heavy but it is noisy, dangerous and doesn’t drill through clay.  After nearly killing myself over a two day period, I had three tiny, miserable, shallow holes which barely held up the wooden posts.  I solved the problem with concrete, only to be gruffly informed that I had broken at least 100 resource consent rules and pissed off everyone once again!

Undaunted, for some strange reason, I plunged ahead with “Plan C” consisting of driving metal rods into the mud with my trusty sledge hammer.  Did I mention that I am old?  Well I am old.  By the time I finished removing all the evidence of Plans A and B, and driving in the metal posts of Plan C, I was pretty well stuffed. What was I thinking?

Never mind.  I have had a fantastic Christmas dinner and conned son-in-law Lee, into helping me move Borderline.

2015-12-27 09.39.09

There is Lee and there is Borderline, attached to the shore at high tide, waiting to settle into the mud.

2015-12-27 09.39.12

See those cool, metal arms, holding her in place.  2015-12-27 09.39.36

Now we wait for low tide to see if everything works as planned.   Now the real work begins.


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