ESPcat The Fun Begins

Everyone has their own idea of fun.  For me it is designing something.  For quite a while now, the Electric Solar Powered Catamaran project has been stuck but now we are on the move again.  With Borderline now high and dry, sitting close to shore, I can easily check measurements and finish detailed design bits and pieces.  This is where the fun begins for me.2015-12-27 17.40.45

One of the great things I learned in high school was mechanical drawing.  I don’t know if they still teach it but for me, being able to make a sketch is essential to design.  It doesn’t matter weather you are designing a dress or a solar powered boat; a sketch is where it all starts.  It is a small step from a sketch to a CAD drawing and it is the CAD drawing that really makes it easy for someone to actually construct your idea.  ESPcat CAD

Do you like the look of her so far?  I realize she looks a bit different from your average boat.  ESPcat is all about form before fashion. That simply means that I am more worried about things working properly than I am about how things look.  Having said that, I would prefer that the finished product not look like a dogs breakfast.  My boat designer friend hates it!  Others are too polite to say much at all.

If you are not used to looking at CAD drawings, it may be difficult to imagine what she is going to finally look like.  Hopefully, I will soon have at least the skeleton of the cabin finished, making the finished product easier to see.  It is still early stages.  I am always open to suggestions.


2 thoughts on “ESPcat The Fun Begins

  1. Looks awesome John! Keen to see how it progresses. Looks a little different to the masses, and that’s a good thing I think.

    You’ve probably thought of it, but might be nice to have the sides open upward, to get a breeze through, and for fishing. And maybe provide more area to mount sol panels to, when raised.


  2. Two interesting ideas Chris. Maybe I should also consider fold-up solar panels at the rear of the cabin top. Or even a sun visor type extension at the front of the cabin top. The simulation suggests that we will need every bit of solar power we can get.


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