ESPcat Feng sui

I’m worried sick about the Feng sui of the ESPcat.  Ok, I lied.  I have absolutely no idea what Feng sui means so how can I worry about it. I am worried about something however.  The problem is that the cabin on ESPcat is a bit slab sided and Paul says it should have a slope to it.  I don’t know; what do you think?


Having that bit of slope (right picture above) complicates things a bit but then on the other hand, it gives a bit more room for the bunks.  Paul would be happy.  Perhaps it’s not that big a deal.  Maybe I should take up gardening.  Maybe I should ask Dr. Jill; she knows all about that sort of thing.

2016-01-11 15.13.26


4 thoughts on “ESPcat Feng sui

  1. Too late! I am now angst ridden. I probably will add a bit of slope just to stop you whining. Right now I am waiting for an estimate from the welder guys to fabricate the metal bits of the cabin frame complete with slope.


  2. The side view looks cool!! The slab sides will probably be insignificant when you can see all the surfaces of the craft. Drawings can be deceiving. Angst be gone!


  3. OK. All angst is gone. I am floating in a sea of calm or is it clam. Anyway I’m floating in it Jon. I just tried to make a phone call on my calculator! Maybe I’m not all that calm after all.

    I haven’t forgotten about your requirement for a self charging electric motor for your dinghy. You might want to consider charging from a solar panel rather than charging by windmilling the dinghy’s electric motor. Less drag and almost certainly less cost. I will look into it a bit more.

    I wasn’t able to find any electric outboard that would also act as a generator. You might want to look at the HamiltonFerris towed generator. I read one report that said it worked well as a towed generator but not so well using its windmill option.


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