ESPcat & Self Driving Cars

I’m not riding in one of those self driving cars until they make one that is capable of worry.  That’s right “worry”.  I want a self driving car that stays awake all night like I do, thinking of what might go wrong.  I want a car that worries about those little shits in the black spray painted Mazda wearing their hats on sideways.  I want my self driving car to look at that glistening, road on a really hot day a say to itself “holy shit I’ll bet that’s slippery”.

So, people ask me what I have been doing with the ESPcat project and I reply “worrying”.  Roger says the windows are too large but what does he know?windows

Oh alright then, I’ll split them up or something to make them smaller if I have to!split windows

Dave says he can program his CNC router to make the cabin side panels and acrylic windows from my CAD drawings.  He is a former boat builder so he should know something. It is a bit tricky making all the individual drawings to get the most boat out of the least number of 1200 x 2400 sheets.

Graham and his merry men are building the stainless steel handrail system.stainless handrails

It is the bit in green above.  They are supposed to be finished by the end of the month.

I got a price on curved glass for the windscreen.    It was so high I nearly shat myself.  Perhaps I will just leave it off and feel the salt spray on my face.   I need to go somewhere but with all these things going on, I’m too worried to drive!



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