ESPcat Mancave

I needed to clear my head so I took a ride on The Man’s Machine.  That’s me right there standing in front of him.  He really enjoyed the outing.  We drove from my little town of Howick, down to the Bayview Hotel in Kaiaua for fish and chips and beer (right next door to the world’s best fish and chips).  This is me and The Man’s Machine at the Bayview.  There where a few other bikies there but I don’t mix with those sorts of people.  As Woody Allen says, I would never join a group that would have someone like me for a member.

2016-02-14 12.32.28

Then around the Firth of Thames, than out onto the Coromandel Peninsula all the way to Coromandel Township for a night out at the Coromandel Hotel.  Very classy like the Bayview!  Next day, we (I mean me and The Man’s Machine) did a big loop through Whitianga with a side trip to Whangamata them back home.  Absolutely outstanding!  I am totally refreshed and renewed.  Nothing can stop me now!  New Zealand is such a beautiful country that you can point a camera in any direction and make a postcard.  Anyone who lives here is crazy not to get out into it.

I needed to clear my head of ESPcat thoughts so I could start again refreshed.  Back in The Mancave, the work continues with renewed energy.

2016-02-18 11.14.32

I tidied the place up specially for this photo.  It isn’t always this neat.  Now you may wonder what that 8hp Yamaha outboard is doing sitting there.  I’ll let you in on a secret; I am putting a pair of 8 hp outboards (the kind that use gasoline) onto Borderline.  “Why?” you might ask.  “We thought this was going to be a solar powered boat” you might say.  Well here is the plan:

I am going to first get everything going with the Yamaha outboards and then switch to electric motors.  The idea is to compare the performance of the 8 hp outboards to whatever I decide to use for the electric propulsion.  I already have one 8 hp Yamaha so I bought a second one and there it is in the photo above.  There is a problem however.  It will not steer.

You see, sometimes people put outboards on sailboats and do all the steering with the sailboat’s rudder.  The motor always points straight ahead.  The problem is that if a motor spends enough time pointing straight ahead, it can get stuck in that position.  I bought this motor on Trademe and it appears that the seller forgot to tell me it was stuck in the straight ahead position.  I have already spend a couple of days trying to get it to turn with no luck.  I have used grease and heat and hammers but still no luck.  Here is what I have concluded:

Don’t ever try to do anything.  I mean it!  It’s all too hard.  Just give up and don’t ever try to do anything, especially building a solar powered boat.



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