ESPcat Oops!

Oops!  You know that bit I said about the motor not steering and that you should give up and all that?  Well I was just kidding.  It seems that the motor was tied with some really strong, black line that I didn’t notice.  It actually steers just fine.  It is a mistake anyone could have made!2016-02-18 16.47.23

So there’s the message for us all.  It’s always darkest before the dawn and all that.  Never give up and all that.  Reach for your dreams and all that.  Or in the words of Elvis Presley after he had just eaten a huge meal “what was I thinking”.


2 thoughts on “ESPcat Oops!

  1. You felt it too Jody? I could feel the dark forces trying to drag me down into the black vortex. Thanks to the support of my friends and the divine touch of the Invisible Hand, I am back in business.


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