ESPcat No Turning Back

Well there’s no turning back now.   Every great enterprise must reach a point where you have no choice left but to move forward.  Well that point has arrived.  It’s good because now quitting is no longer an option but it is a bit scary at the same time.  Up until now, in theory at least, Borderline could be turned back into what her designer, Andrew Eaton, intended her to be; a racing sailboat.  I am always a bit reluctant to destroy things especially things that are really well made but I have removed (destroyed) the rudder system that is an essential part of a sail boat.

2015-12-27 09.39.12

See those beautiful rudders folded up at the stern?  Well have a look now:

2016-02-24 16.53.29

Like America’s moral high ground, those rudders are gone forever.  I chewed off the hinges with my trusty angle grinder.  I still have the two rudders which I plan eventually to convert into tiny dagger boards to help steering (more on that later).

Is it really ok for America to fire a missile from a drone into a building in Pakistan killing 40 innocent people in order to kill one suspect?  Yes “suspect” as the target person, never had a trial or jury or any of the things America once held dear.(1)   But, I digress.

Next comes the brackets to hold the electric outboards.  Remember that as an intermediate step, I plan to install a pair of conventional outboard motors.  You might think making a pair of outboard engine brackets would be a simple matter but you would be mistaken.  2016-02-26 15.08.28

OK, they are just a pair of engine mounts but I busted my ass making those mounts.

Anyway, that fool Donald Trump wouldn’t know an engine bracket from a Guantanamo Bay torture chamber.  Did you know that the US military base at Guantanamo Bay is on Cuban soil and they don’t even want us there (I have dual US/New Zealand citizenship)?  The US pays rent on the base but Cuba has refused to cash the checks for 45 years!  Which is worse, torturing possibly innocent people at Guantanamo Bay or murdering innocent people with drones?

Did I stray off topic at any point?  Perhaps the CIA will think I am only talking about solar powered boats and not bother to read this.

(1)”Sudden Justice” by Chris Woods


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