ESPcat The Boat Club

Behind this unimposing, locked gate, lies a secret.  The secret is the Whitford Boating and Cruising Club (WB&CC) and I want to share that secret with you my blogging friends.

Everyone wants to belong to a club.  It is tribal urge inherited from our ancient ancestors.  Back in the Stone Age, if you didn’t belong to a tribe, you didn’t survive.  That means that all of our ancestors, belonged to a tribe.  For most, today’s tribe consists of either a religion, or a political party or both.  Most are born into our tribe just as it has always been. Some of us are social outcasts, exiled from our tribe and cast into the wilderness to fend for ourselves.  I was cast out and washed up in New Zealand.  And so it is that I joined the WB&CC tribe.

To get to the WB&CC you have to drive for about 15 minutes from my home in Howick.  Pass through some scenic countryside along the way.2016-04-17 09.48.59

There are some houses out here on their 10 acre blocks that are probably larger than necessary.  I can press my little nose up against the bars of the gate for a glimpse of how the 2% live.  2016-04-17 10.18.36

Or I can approach the somewhat less imposing gate and use my club key to enter my secret world.
2016-04-17 10.16.27    2016-04-17 10.16.04

Drive through the gate then ’round the curved path and down the little hill.
2016-04-17 10.01.31

And there is the secret.2016-04-17 10.05.13

Borderline now has two engines.  It needs a roof.
2016-04-15 09.04.24

I don’t often join clubs.  I am a bit like Woddy Allen who said “I would never join an organization that would have someone like me as a member”.

2015-11-05 12.24.12

We all think our tribe is the best but my tribe doesn’t hate other tribes.  My tribe doesn’t wage war against neighboring tribes.  We do lock members from other tribes out however.  And we do pay to belong to our tribe.  Oh my God!  WB&CC just another religion!  I think I’ll go there and worship right now!

See the video at:




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