ESPcat complaint

Joy has made a formal complaint.  The complaint is totally unjustified of course but since it was formally registered, I am forced to deal with it.  Joy, you see, is the wife of one of my prominent slave laborers (I certainly don’t intend paying any of them). I will eventually rope Joy in as well but that is for another blog.  Anyway Joy was visiting the ESPcat construction site where she was required to negotiate the boarding plank in order to avoid falling into the mud.Plank

Right away, the complaints began; the basis of which where that the plank was somehow inadequate.   Here we have yet another example of the world’s problem.  Everyone focuses on the negative rather than standing back and looking at things as a whole.  Yes, there may be minor problems with the plank,
close-up of plank
it is, however, when viewed as a whole, a perfectly fine piece of timber as you can see.Plank

Take these Cedar beams that I purchased at the weekend for example.2016-04-27 11.42.47

According to Roger, the Boat Guy, two of them are Douglas Fir and one is New Zealand native Kauri, but nevertheless they are fine pieces of timber, clearly well worth the $76 I paid for them.  Imagine if I where to focus solely on certain negative aspects of these fine, cedar beams such as the fact that they aren’t actually cedar or I could focus on the minor blemishes such as this:
2016-04-27 11.43.26        or these:         2016-04-27 11.43.10

Failure to take in the bigger picture is the sin of our times.  Decisions made in isolation are usually poor decisions.

Just wait until I saw up these beams to make floor (deck) supports for ESPcat.  Then you will see the wisdom of taking in the wide view.  So Joy, your complaint has been summarily rejected!



6 thoughts on “ESPcat complaint

  1. You bought the new planks! I’d say Helen’s points were “Issues that were addressed”. Otherwise we’d still be worried if we’ll make it across, anywhere!


  2. No no no! Those new planks are to hold up the floor. The walking plank is perfectly safe. Why replace it? I don’t know what all the fuss is about. There are only a few worm holes and just a tiny bit of rot. It was Joy not Helen. A mistake that anyone could have made.


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