ESPcat It’s What’s on the Inside

Demolition timber is a bit like people.  Some of us don’t look all that great on the outside but it’s what’s on the inside that counts.  Take this old Douglas Fir beam for example.  Who knows what’s hiding inside that gruff exterior?  demolition timber

I got unpaid slave laborer Paul over to help me yesterday.  I needed to cut up this old beam and see if there were some nice, strong beams hiding inside it that I could use for floor (deck) supports on ESPcat.   Paul insisted that my saw needed a new blade and sure enough, after purchasing a new one, we were able to cut a slice off that old beam.2016-05-02 14.46.23

After running the beam through Paul’s thicknesser, look what we found hiding inside:2016-05-02 15.36.102016-04-27 11.44.11

So the next time you see a 70 year old guy looking a bit tired and worn out and ugly, just remember there may be this really cool techno-geek, dude hiding underneath.



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