ESPcat The Darién Gap

A few years ago my son-in-law, Lee and I, did a motorcycle trip around Argentina and Chile.  In preparation for that trip I did a bit of reading about motorcycle journeys through the Americas.  In fact, we met some guys in a cafe in Argentina who had started in Alaska and where riding their motorcycles all the way to Tierra del Fuego.  It turns out that these guys, like everyone else who makes a similar journey, had to ship their motorcycles from Panama to Colombia by air because of an impassable section called the Darién Gap.  Darien Gap

Even though the Gap is only 160 km long (99 miles) no road has ever been built through it.  The Gap is full of anaconda snakes, malaria mosquito ridden swamps and then there’s  Miguel and his  amiguos who would happily turn you into a sex slave for the price of your cell phone.

No matter what the enterprise is, there is always a Darién Gap to prevent you from getting where you want to go.  In the case of building a solar powered boat, it is the floor (deck).  How can a 160km section of swamp, prevent the completion of the 48,000 km Pan American Highway?  Well so far it has.  How can a floor, prevent the completion of a solar powered boat?  Well so far it has.  I won’t let it stop me though.  I am pressing on; sawing up support beams.Do Not Stand on Saw Stool

I will build the new cabin no matter what and all the while being safety conscious.


5 thoughts on “ESPcat The Darién Gap

    1. You might think that rather than flying around the world dropping bombs, the US would get together with Colombia and Panama and build that last 99 miles of road. The US wouldn’t have an immigration problem if it encouraged more American tourism into Latin America so they could make a bit of money. There are so many great things to see and do there and the people are just fantastic.


    1. What was I thinking? I can’t imagine where I got the silly idea of doing such a thing. The funny thing is, that I was so busy trying to line up a good photo of my foot that I nearly fell off!


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