ESPcat The Puzzle Pieces

Pieces of a giant puzzle have begun to arrive at the Man Cave.  Dave the CNC cutting guy has been doing his thing.  This is how it works:  I sit down at my computer and draw up this CAD drawing.
CNC cut file

Next I give the drawing file to Dave.   Dave has this magic machine called a CNC router, connected to his computer.  Dave turns his machine loose on a piece of PVC foam panel called celluka and a puzzle piece emerges.   Here Dave is routing letters:cnc

These are the first of the giant puzzle pieces:
2016-05-13 10.12.13   2016-05-13 10.12.23

Now all I have to do is glue these pieces together.  The problem is that as far as I can tell, nobody had tried to do this before so a bit of experimenting is in order.  Here I am trying  to 2016-05-13 10.17.50

glue a few samples in order to figure out what technique works best.  Remember that all these puzzle pieces have to fit together to create this giant boat that is strong enough carry 6 people not to mention solar panels, batteries and electric motors, through surging sea storms, giant waves, rain and hail.  What can go wrong?

At least the floor is solid now thanks to all those Douglass-fir beams I installed.   I will go off to Friday lunch with The Boys now.  Maybe Roger the Boat Guy will be there so I can pester him for details on the polycarbonate windows I plan to use.


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