ESPcat scary stuff

Holy shit!  It’s all very scary!  I think the CNC guy must have made a mistake and cut everything twice as big as it should be.  Just look at the size of the pieces.

They’re gigundus!  And then there’s the glue.  Did you know that glue is terrifying?  One mistake (and I have made many) and squilions of dollars worth of CNC cut panels are glued into the wrong configuration, permanently and forever.  No force on earth can ever move them.   Ok, I admit it.  I have no idea what I am doing.  Neither does anyone else so there is no point in asking anyone.

I made measurements to determine if the joints will be strong enough.2016-05-16 08.49.57      2016-05-16 08.17.51

This is a 10 kg weight hanging from a glued joint.  See how strong it is?

I think I’m having a panic attack!   Who am I?   I know; I’ll ask Donald Trump or the NZ Prime Minister.  They both claim to know everything.  Does anybody have Opraha’s number?


4 thoughts on “ESPcat scary stuff

    1. Yes brother Bill made mistakes but the only way to avoid mistakes is to do nothing. Mistakes are good! I used to work at the Union Oil Research Center for an engineer who boasted about never making mistakes. He was one of the most boring bastards I ever met. He never invented a single, new thing in his entire career but it was true; he never made any mistakes. I must be doing good because I sure am making a whole lot of mistakes!


  1. You already wrote an especially nice essay about her. I found it just before I moved here a couple of months ago. I will post it one of these days when I find it again. It was in response to queries from your Zoey.
    I am now residing in a house that was built in 1790. There are Handhewn beams in the attic. It is a little smaller than the one we grew up in which was a 1740 house. Stephen my bodyguard lived in a house that was built in 1790 so we really appreciate the bones of the place. This is very gentrified with gorgeous New England Gardens.


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