ESPcat Cooking

One of the things I’m looking forward to when I get ESPcat going is cooking on her.  There is nothing like food on a boat.  Everything tastes better when afloat.  2016-07-06 15.26.58     2016-07-06 15.27.32

It was too cold and dreary to do any work on the boat today and besides it’s Saturday so for some peculiar reason, I decided to cook something.  Now my experience at cooking is somewhat limited to say the least but part of my healthy lifestyle is eating a healthy breakfast so I decided to make Stovetop Granola from the Mollie Katzen cookbook.  When Gallagher makes it, it tastes fabulous.  Here it is being made by me:2016-07-09 12.40.55

For someone who doesn’t cook, it’s a good one to try as there isn’t much finesse involved.  Just follow the recipe and try not to burn it.

So this is how tomorrow should go:
1 – 100 stomach crunches
2 – a bit of yoga
3 – 60 press-ups
4 – my special door exercises
5 – run 4 km (2.5 miles)
6 – eat a whole bunch of home cooked Stovetop Granola
7 – go play with the boat while Gallagher is off doing something or other

How is that for the perfect day?

Now you might be wondering what any of this has to do with building Electric Solar Powered Catamarans.  One of the things that Gallagher and I plan to do when ESPcat hits the water is to take people out for a nice day of quiet, solar powered boating interspersed with a good deal of eating and drinking.  We could even stop off at some place like Man of War Bay on Waihiki Island for a drop of something. Man of War Bay

I do wonder what type of cooking facilities to have on ESPcat.

Gas is the logical thing to cook on.stove

But maybe I should try to go all electric.  The problem is that electric cooking takes a lot of power.  I could go for a microwave oven and an electric frying pan.   A frying pan or electric grill each uses about 1,500 watts.  Remember that an electric outboard uses 4,000 watts so 1500 watts is significant.Frying PanIf I’m not careful, I could cook myself to a standstill by running out of battery power in some kind of deluded, culinary quest.  Like I said, gas is the logical cooking choice but that sort of defeats the whole solar powered thing.  What to you think?

Speaking of the ESPcat, one of my slaves, Brian, will help me test out one of the wall panels on Monday.  The panel doesn’t look like anything but you can see that it has a curved shape at the bottom.

2016-07-09 13.44.09
OK maybe you can’t see the curve but anyway, that curve has to match the curve of the beam that goes across Borderline.  When I doesn’t match, I will have to do a bit of “Plan B” stuff to somehow make it fit.  If all of that finally gets done, I will enlist additional slaves to help me begin the process of standing up and bolting on, the panels what will make up the cabin walls.  I don’t really see much of any possibility of things going wrong.  Do you?



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