ESPcat Nippon Nancy

It is important to give credit where credit is due.  Let me introduce to you Nippon Nancy, the 2004 Toyota station wagon that I imported from Japan for $NZ 7,000.  Nippon Nancy is responsible for delivering every nut, bolt anchor chain and celuka PVC panel and WPC panel  that is now part of ESPcat.  Every time I start her up she says “ETC Tagoda, so nu, sa nu tae, ma sing”.

Now some of you blog readers may not be as fluent in Japanese as I am.  Roughly translated her message is “You forgot to top up the oil, fool, so expect a piston to come crashing through the engine block at any moment!”.  Should I be worried?

OK, so I actually don’t know a single word of Japanese but she is definitely saying that; or something else.  Have you ever noticed that when you have a big project on, that before you can do anything, you first have to do something else?  Well, before I stand up the first 8 celuka PVC wall panels I had to put a towbar (trailer hitch) onto Nippon Nancy so I could borrow Roger’s trailer to carry the panels down to the Boat club where Borderline is waiting in the mud.
2016-07-21 10.05.37     2016-07-21 09.44.51

I could have hired someone who knew what they were doing, to install the towbar but I decided to save money and do it myself.  How hard could it be?

Well it turns out that it was an absolute “prick of a job”.  To begin with, I’m really too old to be crawling around under a car.  Then there was a bolt in the way so I had to grind it off with my trusty angle grinder.
2016-07-21 10.15.03

Then the goddamned towbar was so heavy that I couldn’t lift it up where it belongs so I had to jack it up with the car jack, only to discover that it didn’t quite fit.  So I had to remove it and “fine tune” it with my indispensable sledge hammer and then jack it back up where it belongs and bolt it on.
2016-07-21 10.16.28

Then I had to wire up the lights.  Now I’m an electrical engineer so that should be no problem; right?  Well it turns out that in order to wire up the lights, I had to first rip out much of Nippon Nancy’s interior to get at the wiring.

Anyway, I did all of that and got the towbar mounted and never made one single bit of progress on ESPcat at all!  There is a law of physics that says that whenever you try to do something, all the forces of the universe align to prevent you from doing whatever it is that you are trying to do!

Oh well, never mind.  Those celuka PVC wall panels are going to look great when I finally get them installed.  Going out to Friday lunch with the boys tomorrow.  I should be able to line up a bit of slave labor out of that lot.  Then I will borrow Roger’s trailer and …………..

PS     And yes, I added those really classy roof rack thingies myself.
2016-07-21 10.47.38


2 thoughts on “ESPcat Nippon Nancy

  1. Oh my God! You’re right Jody; I am making retirement into hard work. It is especially hard with Gallagher working all day today. I have to worry about where we will go to dinner, this evening being “date night”. I’m under a lot of stress and finding it difficult to cope.


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