ESPcat Making Good Things Even Better #solarboat

Roger is very generous.  He lets everyone use his trailer.  The trailer is good but I decided to make it even better.  From time to time in the past, I have asked one of my engineers to design something.  I would give them a brief and leave them to it.  Usually in a relatively short time, they would come back with something that looked pretty good.  Often I would say something like “that looks really good but I would like it to be even better … make it cost less or look better or easier to maintain or more accurate or something”.  Without exception, that same engineer would come back with significant improvements.   That is why I improved Roger’s trailer.

See that rod system sticking up from the trailer bed?  I designed that!  Pretty good huh?  Just look at the retaining mechanism fashoned from a bit of coat hanger.    2016-08-30 13.59.52

I have to deliver the bits I have been working on in the Man Cave, to the boat.  Here come those beams.

Next to be delivered are the PVC wall panels.  I will require slave labor for that.  I will start my labor recruitment drive over Friday lunch with “The Boys”.  And there they are; beams on the boat.
2016-08-31 09.53.17

Just remember, no matter how good things are, they can always be made a little better.
2016-08-30 13.59.24

Do you think Roger will mind my modifications to his trailer?  Yes there is a message here.  Thinking about things is the most cost effective method of improvement.  How often do we do things simply because that is the way we have always done them.  Boats have always had engines with pistons pumping up and down but that doesn’t mean we can’t make boats with electric motors and solar power.


2 thoughts on “ESPcat Making Good Things Even Better #solarboat

  1. I remember reading about a design meeting for the first iPhone with Steve Jobs when he was told by his engineers that they cannot make the case smaller and he dropped the phone into a fish tank and few bubbles came out so he said see there is space for improvement.


  2. Yes Mike that was a good one. Henry Ford told his engineers to go back and try again 3 times before they figured out how to cast the block of Ford’s famous V8 engine. And speaking of better design, you Mike are the author of Gelamen Knowledge Management Software, a utility that could still make millions today if marketed properly. I use it every day.

    PS According to Forbes: “Steve Jobs came to believe that if he ate only fruits he would eliminate all mucus and not need to shower anymore”.


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