ESPcat Taking Shape

I organized the slaves, Vaughn and John for a bit of heavy lifting.  I could have paid them but decided instead to simply poke, prod and cajole them into action. First we have Vaughn loading the panels onto Roger’s improved trailer.2016-09-12-13-00-20 What’s he looking at?

Then all was ready for Nippon Nancy to drag the shipment to the construction site.2016-09-12-13-00-33

Here the slaves are handling the wall panels aboard Borderline.2016-09-12-15-19-16

That’s John on the left and Vaughn on the right; or is it the other way ’round.    Anyway, we hoisted the panels and then glued and screwed them in place.  2016-09-13-10-36-16

A bit more work and we had three walls of the storage cupboard set up.


The next day, working alone, I added the first beam and the first rear bulkhead.2016-09-13-15-22-20

With the first 4 panels and one beam up, things are finally beginning to take shape.  2016-09-13-16-27-15

So finally we are beginning to see how the completed ESPcat will look.  Yes she is a bit unusual.  Hopefully the sloping front end (bow) will reduce the drag when heading into a strong wind.  I have to install another beam and add a bit of bracing before bringing the slaves back for the port side panels.  Then I will order the CNC guy to cut the remaining 12 panels that make up the cabin walls.  What could go wrong?

The level of interest is beginning to pick up now that everyone can see the shape.  A CAD drawing doesn’t mean much to most people but something you can see and touch gets more people going.  It’s working for me.


2 thoughts on “ESPcat Taking Shape

  1. Thanks for the encouragement Chris. A lot of work has been done below decks (not helped by the fact that I had to do it 3 times) which sometimes feels like going nowhere. Now things feel like they are really happening.


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