ESPcat There Are No Problems, Only Opportunities #solarboat

Curves are really important on a boat.  There is nothing more ugly than a flat sided boat cabin.  So in an effort to get the curved thing going, I tried to get my rectangular PVC drain pipe to bend in a nice curve for the cabin top.  The result was that the PVC curved nicely right up to the point where it suddenly buckled.  I remembered my friend Nick’s mantra “there are no problems only opportunities”.   Here was an opportunity indeed.  Time for Plan B.  I set out to do a bit of bending.  First I tried a heat gun and that just made a big mess.  Next I tried a bit of boiling water.  That was the answer.  Here’s how you do it:  My first attempt was to force the pipe into a bow shape as below.2016-09-18-12-54-31

Next, pour in a bit of boiling water in one end and you get a lovely curved bend as the hot water makes the PVC sag in the center.  The above method is ok but you get a bit more control over the shape of the bend if you use a weight and move it around so as to get the correct shape.  The level gives you an idea of the slope so the water will flow where you want it to go. 2016-09-18-14-02-52I’m off now to install my newly bent PVC.  More pictures later.

The bottom line is, of course, that I have no idea what the hell I’m doing.  By the time I’ve finished the project, I will know exactly how I should have done it.

PS If you dump hot water on the lawn it kills it!



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