ESPcat Next Comes the Roof

The frame is up and supporting walls are up so next comes the roof.  The roof is really important because the roof is where the solar panels will live.  The roof is important also because it keeps the rain out.  With the roof on, we can sit underneath, eating and drinking in relative comfort.  Maybe once the roof is on, I will just stop right there and leave Borderline in the mud as a party platform.  I could just forget about changing the world.  To hell with planning for the future.  Our politicians don’t seem to be at all worried about the future.  Our Prime Minister, John Key isn’t at all worried about the future.borderline-last-beam-angle-shot

I went to the Auckland On Water Boat Show Thursday.  The show is aimed squarely at the 1%.  If you are not rich much of what is at the show is not for you.  I didn’t see John Key anywhere but I am sure that many of his friends attended.

I was particularly impressed by this boat.  Have a look at the size of those engines!
Yes, what you see above is an inflatable with twin, 350 hp outboard motors.  The man looking after the display proudly informed me that he had installations with even bigger motors.  Maybe if I were planning on running drugs from Colombia, this boat would just the thing.  Otherwise, I don’t get it.  The steamship Earnslaw has twin 250 hp engines and she can carry 1000 passengers.  Twin 350’s seems a bit excessive on a rubber ducky don’t you think?

Needless to say, boats like this are missing the point of boating.  Owners of these boats must hate the Waitemata Harbour because they are trying to pass over it as quickly as possible in their fuel guzzling, 700 hp roaring, crashing, environmentally destroying juggernaut. Here we are in the middle of the most beautiful cruising area in the world, filled with fabulous birds, fish, whales and every kind of wonderful creature; and these assholes are trying to see how fast they can go, plowing an ugly furrow through the sea, as they go.  Any little blue penguin that gets in the way can expect to be chewed up and spat out the rear.

No, I think I will just carry on building my roof and when I am finished, I will begin work on the next bit.  And speaking of the 1%, I mentioned Elon Musk and his SpaceX and Tesla companies in my last blog.  Did I mention that the youngsters Elon gets to work for him should never expect to be anywhere near the 1%?  Only Elon Musk and his 3 or 4 venture capital investor friends will have that 1%, pleasure.  If Elon is having a bad day, he will mercilessly insult and berate one and all and they will just have to hang their young heads and suck it up.   No, those young workers can expect to work 16 hour days and get fired if they don’t keep performing inhuman feats on a daily basis.  The pay ratio between the CEO and the average worker used to be 20 to 1.  Now the ratio is 300 to 1.

PS – If you want to learn a bit about the type of Start-Up that made Elon Musk rich, I recommend reading “Disrupted” by Dan Lyons



2 thoughts on “ESPcat Next Comes the Roof

  1. We were lucky to be born when we were, where we were…at least us white ones.

    We have a 6 month old grandson and I fear for his future. We live in the Pacific rainforest area of BC and WA so will have water longer than most places, and it is fairly slow paced….Podunk really. Too many Trump signs in Podunk, USA….the down side.

    The party boat is a good out of season option.




  2. When the boat is ready to party on, I expect you to come join us. Oh, and bring your grandson so we can teach him all about solar power and boats. When I was at the boat show, there was a boat with its radio on. It crackled into life saying someone had spotted a whale. The Waitamata Harbour has 7 species of whales and dolphin. Imagine their disappointment if you don;t come to visit them.


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