ESPcat High Standards

Today is Friday; a very good day.  Every second Friday we have the Boy’s Lunch at the Te Tuhi Cafe and today was it.  It was an excellent turnout.  The Boys were in good humor.  The lovely ladies who run the place, set up a really special chair, for the Big Guy.  He loved it.  The Boys are mostly retired except for the Boat Guy so we are in no hurry to finish eating or bull-shitting.  At some point during lunch, the question was asked as to what standard ESPcat is being built to.  For anyone interested in standards, she is being built to “Maritime Rules Part 40C: Design, Construction and Equipment – Non-passenger Ships that are not SOLAS Ships” which can be downloaded free here:

I am particularly sensitive to standards these days, having been subjected to a constant diet of low standards, thanks to that “pig of a man” Donald Trump.  This Trump fool, appears to have no sense of empathy and no appreciation of the great tradition of democracy that the United States of America represents.  Trump is a woman hating liar, a racist bigot, a bully and a man completely without honor.   Trump has set a new milestone in low standards.

While I am not the world’s greatest craftsman, I am a professional engineer and I am sticking to as high a standard as I possibly can.  There may be the occasional untidy joint but she certainly is strong and safe.  Today was an especially significant day as there are now 5 of the 9 roof panels in place.  You can see most of the roof from this angle:2016-10-13-13-56-42

The day was significant for another reason also.  This afternoon, I fitted a support above the rear cabin door even though it was raining.  How was I able to perform this feat in the rain, you ask?  It is because of the new roof, keeping out the water of course!2016-10-14-14-10-58

How cool is that?  And yes, that stern rail and those cables all conform to the standard.


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