ESPcat Boat Engine Emissions -Do the Fish Need Masks Too?

When cars cause air pollution, everyone can see it. air-pollution

Water pollution caused by boat engine exhaust is not so easy to see.  I did a bit of research and the links below popped up.  The bottom line is that boat engines cause water pollution just as car engines cause air pollution.  The problem with boat engine emissions is that engine emission chemicals dissolve nicely so the water still looks clear.2016-09-29-12-04-18Below are some example quotes from the links below.  Pollution from boat engines is not just something I dreamed up.   There at least 300,000 power boats in New Zealand and even the sailboats all have engines.  It’s time they switched to solar.  That’s what I am going to do.


“…researchers are beginning to wonder: What effect is the dramatic increase in boating activity having on the inshore marine habitat”.

“These levels (of emission pollution), unthinkable only a few years ago, have evidently come to be accepted as being normal and of little or no environmental importance.”

“…boating in coastal state waters is concentrated in estuaries – critical habitats for well over half of our commercially and recreationally important finfish and shellfish species, generally during their early and most vulnerable life stages.”

“Most boating activity takes place in the warmer months, the time of greatest biological activity in our estuaries.”

“…effects of hydrocarbons and heavy metals on and their movements through the marine environment…materials significantly affected development and survival of marine fish eggs and discussed the high susceptibility of thin-shelled pelagic eggs to petroleum hydrocarbon-derived pollution of natural waters…”


The quotes above came from an interesting article with important references for those interested in studying the impact of recreational boats on the environment:


The above resource has a link to an area that specifically discusses engine emissions.  Here is that link:


Numbers of recreational boats in New Zealand:





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