ESPcat Saving the World #solarworld

Saving the world is an exhausting process.  I know because I am saving the world by building New Zealand’s first, practical, solar powered coastal cruiser.  The saving business encountered a 3 week delay due to the unavailability of PVC foam panels to build the cabin walls.  Actually, I wasn’t really delayed by 3 weeks because I have been busy commissioning the hydraulic steering system and fiddling around with a few other really important things such as riding The Man’s Machine.  The CNC guy will be receiving the panels in the next couple of days so everything will be “all go” in the near future.   Next step; walls.

Meanwhile; while I wasn’t saving the world, building solar powered boats, I have been saving the world by growing solar powered, heirloom, black tomatoes. OK, these things below aren’t tomatoes but you might find the link below the picture interesting.

Yes, my tomatoes will be black when ripe rather than red.  “So how is this saving the world?” you might ask.  Well it turns out that the fruits and vegetables we generally eat are not as nutritious as those we ate in days gone by.  If you read that Scientific American article, you will discover that the problem is a combination of poor nutrient content of the soil and selection of seeds to produce high yield rather than high nutrient content.  Fortunately, there are good keen gardeners out there, saving old varieties of seeds so that us world savers have healthy alternative seeds.

So here I am with my geriatric garden, growing my old fashioned but not geriatric tomatoes.  By the way, the thing that makes it a geriatric garden is that us oldies don’t have to bend over to weed it.
geriatric-garden-tomatoes heirloom-tomatoes

So the next time you decide to plant some fruit trees or vegetables, consider searching the internet to find some heirloom types.  They may not look as nice as the modern ones but they will taste better, be more nutritious, and save the world.


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