ESPcat – Radical Ideas

Speaking in Christchurch, New Zealand yesterday, astronaut Dan Barry said “If you have a great idea, an idea that’s really going to change the world, expect everyone to tell you you’re nuts. You’re going to have to ram it down their throats.”


I thought everyone would want to steal my idea of replacing fuel guzzling, polluting, noisy, smelly boat engines with quiet, solar powered, non-polluting electric motors.  I don’t think I will have to ram the idea down people’s throats but I think folks are going to take some convincing.  I have been inventing for many years now and the general impression from my friends is that I am indeed nuts.

The blank foam PVC, celuka wall panels have been delivered to David, the CNC cutting guy.  His amazing, computer controlled routing machine, turns a computer CAD drawing into a finished piece of your dream project, as if by magic.
cnc-image      2016-09-12-09-54-37

David will cut the final wall panels next week.  All I have to do then it put them up. What could be more simple?

I have used some unconventional materials in the cabin.  Walls are foam 20 mm PVC celuka while the cabin floor is made of 19 mm thick Uniboard, wood-plastic composite.  This Uniboard material, like the PVC wall panels, is impervious to rot or decay and does not need to be painted; ever.  I would like to convince others to use these new, space-age materials for boat building.  They are also relatively light, inexpensive and strong compared to common alternatives.  My only warning is that these plastic materials have a very large coefficient of thermal expansion.  Be warned!  Make allowances or you will be sorry when things start to buckle as the sun shines on them.

When navigating the waters of new ideas, it is important to have a sense of direction.

I inherited this Plastimo compass when I purchased Borderline but had to do a little work on its night light.  She is now ready to install but the cabin will have to be lockable before I put in things that are easy to steal.  A very nice lady in the US, helped me obtain the mounting bracket that attaches the compass to the steering helm thingie.  I will remember her when steering my way from a stormy sea into a safe harbor.

Being thought of as slightly nutty, isn’t all that bad a thing.  If you have a radical idea, I suggest that you go for it but don’t expect everyone to congratulate you until you have proven that it actually works.


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