ESPcat Challenging Times

We live in challenging times. Just look at this pile of jigsaw pieces that I have to fit together.  David, the CNC cutting guy has just delivered them and there they are, taking up the space where Gallagher’s car should sit.  If you could look into my brain, this is what you would see;  all disorganized and chaotic.  I’m starting to have trouble tying my shoes!  Oh but that’s because I’m getting fat.  Never mind, I can do it.

A lesser man would be intimidated but not me; I’m only a little bit scared!  Help!  Does anybody know how these pieces are supposed to fit together?  Just look at all those strange shapes.   What have I done?  It’s a bit like electing Trump.  I am stuck with this great heap of rubbish that I have to try and make something out of.

Today is The Boy’s Lunch day.  Maybe they will have some ideas.  I think it’s supposed to go something like this:puzzle

I can’t seem to find the instruction manual.  I’ve looked everywhere.

It’s raining so I won’t be able to get started today anyway.  Hey!  It’s nearly lunch time.  I’ll let you know what happens.




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