ESPcat G-Clamp #solarpower

Don’t you think it’s time to spare a thought for the humble g-clamp?  Don’t get confused here.  We’re talking clamping not glamping.  You haven’t thought about g-clamps at all have you blog buddies.  Don’t lie; you know you haven’t.  How would you like to hang around all night waiting for welding cement to cure?2016-11-30-15-13-00

And what do you get for it?  Perhaps a slapdash squirt of CRC if you’re lucky.  Mostly it’s just salt air and rust.

See, this is the problem with the world today.  People are running around worrying about things like the fact that America has just chosen a President who is so dishonest that he has to hire someone to call his dog to dinner.  We should be thinking about what’s important in life.  We should be thinking about g-clamps and the wonderful work they do.2016-12-01-09-42-21

I don’t know about you but when I go across the road to the library cafe with my Honey for coffee and a Christmas tart (tarts with my Tart), I will take a moment to think of all those

g-clamps down there at the boat club, clinging steadfast and true, gripping without complaint to the new, cabin walls of ESPcat.


4 thoughts on “ESPcat G-Clamp #solarpower

  1. Don’t you know that G clamps are holding most of the high rise buildings in Auckland together. That according to a friend of mine who built some of them. Called Trump! Only joking!


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