ESPcat The Shape of Things to Come #solarsail

Bit by bit I have been adding panels.  A bit of cutting and a bit of gluing and a bit of cursing.  Here is how it has gone.  First add one panel.


Then another.

Then the top and bottom of the door frame.

Then the final front panel.shape

Now you really get to see the shape of things to come.  I still have to do the same to the starboard side and then the outside shape will be complete.  Hopefully she doesn’t look too ungainly.  I have tried to put in as many curves as possible.  Much of the shape is dictated by the requirement for a large roof area for the solar panels.

The little room with the circular hole is the toilet.  There is an identical room on the starbord side which is a storage cupboard.  Batteries go in the pontoons on each side of the cabin.  Beds are up forward where the steering wheel is.

The area of cabin to the rear is for wine drinking and book reading.  The rear end with its stainless steel rails is for fishing.

One thing that is a bit of a worry is windage.  With the large cabin sides acting like a sail, the wind will tend to push the boat sideways (if the wind is from the side).  I will keep the centerboards that were used for sailing.  They will be shortened but will still act to keep her form making too much leeway (moving sideways like a crab).

Next big job is the toilet. Running out of money for window glass (polycarbonate)!  Still so much to do!  Thoroughly enjoying the building process.


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