ESPcat In the Shit

Yes I’m really in the shit now.  OK, I’m not really in the shit but the next phase is a bit of a shitty job.  In order to get Gallagher (my LoveDumpling) on board, ESPcat has to have an actual, flushing toilet.  As it turns out, in order to get just about any female on board, a flushing toilet is an absolute necessity. One might think that a bucket would suffice but “oh no” women require comfort.  What’s more, women (I have made a study of this) don’t like those marine toilets that you have to pump by hand either.  You see, women are in poo denial.  They want to push a button, hear a swoosh,  and pretend that it never happened.  Can you blame them?

Now the truth is that I like women.  Don’t get me wrong, guys are great but women are really nice to have on board so a toilet has to be installed.  The problem is that I am not all that handy.  I have no business at all, doing this boat building thing and when it comes to plumbing, I don’t really have all that great a track record.  Things have been known to leak.  Never mind; it has to be done.

I have completed standing up all the wall panels.  The next step is to either install windows or install a toilet.  I decided that since Christmas is coming soon, I would go for the toilet

as a Christmas present to Gallagher.  How romantic is that?  All it will require is a bit of cutting and gluing and plumbing and wiring.  I am getting into the Christmas spirit.  What could possibly go wrong?



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