ESPcat Bed Time #solarenergy

You blog buddies may have gotten the idea that I am tightfisted, what with me refusing to replace that rotten plank leading from the shore to Borderline and all.  Well just look at this:
2017-01-09-13-05-58  Wood really doesn’t get much better.  But wait, there’s more.  When I started this project, I thought that not knowing what the hell I’m doing would be a problem.  Well it turns out that you hardly have to know a damned thing!  Just look what I have done!

Up until now, if you are inside Borderline and walk forward and look down you see this:2017-01-10-15-05-19

or if the tide is in you see water.  So I decided to add this bed frame.2017-01-10-15-07-43

Then I added a top to the frame and got this

This is the first of two beds (berths if you are more nautical).   There is still a bit to do.  I have to add another brace to cater for the likes of the Big Guy or Neville.  These guys are huge and massive, not to mention really large!  I don’t want any breakage.

I had to try it out.  Here I am trying it out.

It doesn’t look so big from this angle but it is a standard, double bed size.

This view shows that there is still much to be done.

All I need now is to build the second bed then add air mattresses and it will be bed time.


2 thoughts on “ESPcat Bed Time #solarenergy

  1. I hope you cover in that trampoline else you will have a wet bed going thru a typical waiheke channel chop in a sou’ westerly …


  2. Yes Paul, it is all being filled in bit by bit. Even once it is all filled in, I expect that the first time I hit some big seas, there will be seepage here and there that will have to be sealed. Water has a way of finding its way in no matter what you do.


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