ESPcat The Glue from Hell

Did I mention that ESPcat’s cabin is welded (glued) together.  Well It’s glued together.  That’s right, most of the cabin is PVC celuka sheets glued together with with Marley welding compound.  The Boat Guy tells me that many expensive boats have significant bits that are glued together so I am in good company.  And so it is that now, in addition to the PVC glue, I am in the process of gluing in the windows.

In order to glue in the polycarbonate windows, I need glue.  The glue must stick to polycarbonate as well as PVC.  Everyone I asked locally, told me they had just the glue I needed.  However, without fail, upon inspecting the glue data sheet, I discovered that the glue was not suitable for gluing polycarbonate to PVC.

Eventually I found something called Dow Corning 832, with a data sheet that actually claimed gluability to both polycarbonate and PVC.  Unfortunately nobody stocks the Dow Corning 832.  I kept searching.

Eventually I found the “Glue from Hell”; otherwise known as  Quilosa FMS Adhesive.  Yes, the data sheet confirms that along with sticking to just about everything else, this glue sticks to PVC and polycarbonate.2017-01-19-13-52-58

This stuff is about twice as thick as pig shit!  In fact it is so thick that when I tried to use either of my finest caulking guns on it, nothing came out the end no matter how hard I squeezed.  It was like trying to get help from your Internet service provider!

So, I went out and bought the caulking gun from hell to go with the glue from hell.2017-01-19-13-51-22
Just look at this baby.  Tim the Toolman, eat your heart out!  Yes, it’s electric.  And only $100!  I have been experimenting on the two rear doors.
2017-01-18-17-00-13I didn’t do all that good a job on them which is too bad because they are the first thing you see when stepping aboard.  Never mind.  Maybe someday I will make a nice surround that  will cover my mistakes.  2 windows down and only 17 more to go.


6 thoughts on “ESPcat The Glue from Hell

  1. That Ryobi is the best thing – I borrowed one form a neighbor and it does such a sweet job. nice piece of kit. I’ll be able to borrow from you as well 😉


  2. Yes Paul, you may borrow the Glue Gun from Hell any time. Just remember to run it quite slow. I discovered if you run it too fast, the glue canister will explode! You can imagine my disappointment.


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