ESPcat – Something Big

I listened to a Radio New Zealand broadcast yesterday.  It seems that since 2012, Chris Arnade has traveled deep into small-town America, photographing America’s poor.(1)  Arnade had much to say about why folks in the US voted from Trump.  One comment was something to the effect that poor Americans didn’t feel that they were part of anything big and they felt Trump was offering a big idea.  Well I can report that being part of something big, such as the construction of a solar powered boat, makes you feel great.  I’m not sure when this project became something big and it certainly wasn’t something I expected would happen but it has happened.

Maybe it’s big because so many people have become involved in it.  Maybe it’s big because it is an idea whose time has come.  Maybe it’s only big in my mind but it is definitely big.  Maybe it happened when I put in the rear cabin doors:

Or maybe it was when I added the port, rear window:

Or the starboard window:

I just ordered 8 more polycarbonate windows.  Those windows are mighty big!    I am getting better with the Glue Gun from Hell but close inspection is still a bit of a letdown.  The very last window I glue in will be perfect.  It has been said that the only way to avoid mistakes is to be experienced but the only way to get experience is to make mistakes.

The truth is that I am not much worried about the cosmetic details.  I have the Big Picture firmly in mind and that picture is getting bigger every day.    Trump may fail to give Americans anything big to be part of but we live in hope.  He is a fuckwhit after all but still you never know.  Lots of people are involved in Trump’s experiment and they’re not all stupid. Kiwi businessman Chris Liddell seems pretty smart and he’s a senior advisor to Trump, so maybe the change will surprise us all.   Even if the great experiment fails, perhaps it will spawn alternative big ideas for the next administration.  In any case, me and my blog buddies are all part of something big and it feels great!

(1) from RNZ website


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