ESPcat A Change in Perspective

Perspective is an interesting thing.  When you are inside looking out, you get one perspective but when you are outside looking in, everything looks different.  As the cabin nears completion, I have the luxury of beginning to look at details that I didn’t have time to consider.  Only yesterday I discovered that Borderline already has a set of red and green navigation lights.  Fortunately I didn’t purchase those low cost navigation lights I came across on the internet.  I have been working on Borderline for over a year.  How is it possible that I never saw those lights?


Perhaps my perspective has changed.  Last night I went to a family BBQ.  While arguing with an old friend about politics, it transpired that as far as my friend is concerned, anything the government does is ok.  From his perspective, the government has been elected and we should all stand back and let them do the job any way they see fit.  We could call it “no fault” government.  An interesting perspective.

I still have some important things to do before we get out on the water for a test drive.  I have to plumb the toilet and install a water tank.  There is still the wind screen (windshield) to mount.  I also want to mount a rain gutter right across the aft, cabin roof to catch fresh water to fill the water tank.  And don’t forget that I have to wire up those navigation lights I just discovered.  The whole project is starting to take on a new perspective.



2 thoughts on “ESPcat A Change in Perspective

  1. Looking good!! i agree with your friend. I’m surprised you have two of them!!!! If we treated the new incoming CEO in our company the same way as we treat the new pm – or whatever – then every company would be doomed to failure – or at least limited success. And then where would we be. Out of work or less pay!!! Hope you get this boat fixed up for next summer.


  2. I promise to get her going by next summer you you can have a ride. How about that new French President and his lovely wife? The French aren’t so silly after all.


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