ESPcat New Beginnings

Now this is the way to start the day.  It’s 07:15 and another beautiful day in paradise.  I am looking over towards Waihiki island at the sunrise.  In the foreground is John Minson testing out his latest creation.John on his way

It is his boat’s maiden voyage from Maretai to Waiheke.
John's Place

John started with a Hobbie Cat and made the hulls fatter, added a little cabin and an outboard and some dagger-boards.  We launched it this morning and John headed off to his place on Waihiki.  John’s place is off grid and not accessible by road.  The little boat is just for fun so his visitors (mostly WOOFers have something new to play with.

The ESPcat project is very fortunate to have a number of consultants to help me from their vast storehouse of knowledge.  John Minson, a mechanical engineer, is one of the key consultants and a giant of a man.  When I say giant, I don’t mean big; I mean a man with giant ideas.  And when John gets an idea, he just goes ahead an builds it.  John and his partner Susan cycled all around Europe on a tandem that John designed to fit inside a standard airplane, cardboard bicycle box.   And that’s just one of many of John’s inventions.   So let’s all salute a giant with New Beginnings:John Minson
John made it to Waiheke in 50 minutes with the outboard running at half throttle!

I spent the rest of the day, working on the last of the windows in Borderline.  What a day!


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