ESPcat In the Video it Comes Right Off! #aprilfools #solarelectricboat

I thought I was supposed to be building an Electric Solar Powered Catamaran?  It must be April Fools Day!  Which is better, an outboard motor with over 50 moving parts or an electric outboard with 5 moving parts?

Here I am, once again farting around with a greasy, stinky, unreliable gasoline motor.  The slaves and I ripped the other 8hp Yahama off Borderline.  It runs great but it’s stuck in neutral.  All I need to do is free up gear shift mechanism.  How hard can that be?  The bottom end is where the gears are.  In the video, the bottom end comes right off.  Just turn that goddamed little thingie!  You can see the video here:
bottom end coming off
In the video it comes right off

Well guess what?  I turned that little thingie and it only turned so far than wouldn’t turn any further!  Do you see now why I want to get rid of gasoline engines?  Ok the electric motor is going to have the same bottom end as the gasoline engine but I’m just pissed off and want to blame something or someone!

I will squirt WD40 on it and see if that helps.  WD40 fixes everything.  Did you know that it took the Rocket Chemical company 40 tries before they perfected WD40?  The spray cans of WD40 first hit the shelves in San Diego in 1958. I was 13 years old and living on the Litchfield Road in Farmingdale, Maine.  I had just gotten my Amateur Radio license at age 12 and was learning all about electronics from a small group of wonderful young radio operators who had just returned home from the Korean War.

I can’t wait until I finally get these old gasoline outboards running so I can get rid of them and replace them with electric motors.   Does that make any sense?  Maybe it’s April Fools Day!




2 thoughts on “ESPcat In the Video it Comes Right Off! #aprilfools #solarelectricboat

  1. I refuse to answer that Bill. I should add that the WD40 did the trick. I now have the bottom end off and am getting my hands deeply into the guts of the situation.


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