ESPcat Breaking Bad (updated)

I finally understand what happened to Walter White.(1)  One minute you’re a chemistry teacher and the next minute, you’re dealing drugs.  It’s exactly the same for me.  One minute I’m building a solar powered boat and the next minute I’m involved in an international, criminal conspiracy.  I used to be so good and now I’m rotten!

As with all great tragedies, it began with such innocence.  One of Borderline’s engines was stuck in neutral (some of you blog enthusiasts already know this).  So I set about repairing the problem.  Repairing involved a good deal of ripping apart, cursing and swearing but eventually I managed to get to the bottom of the problem.  I should have suspected something when I discovered that the shifting shaft bearings had both seized up solid.  This sort of fault is a bit unusual in an engine that is not all that old (2005) unless said engine had spent time on the bottom of the ocean.

I decided to do a Google search on the serial number off the engine power head.  You can try it yourself.  Just search on M140429910 and you will discover that I am a RECEIVER OF STOLEN GOODS!  I’m a goddamed criminal!
Breaking Bad

You can see it in the eyes!  I don’t know why I never noticed it before.  And to make matters worse, the engine was stolen in England; an international criminal conspiracy and I’m neck deep in it.  I tried confessing.  I wrote emails to the stolen boat people and the police.  They pretended not to care but I happen to know for certain that a “hit” has been put out on me.  I have become the Salman Rushdie of the boat building world.  There is a price on my head!

My only question is “what am I going to do with all the money?”

(1) Breaking Bad
PS- It turns out that the Police did care after all.  I still feel I have lost my innocence.  I am no longer pure.
Mr Caldwell,
Thank you for your email. I have done some research for this crime and engine and it appears on our records that the engine was recovered by the insurance company, Noble Marine, back in 2012. It appears that they have not updated the report. It may well be worth emailing them and confirming that they have sold on the remains of the engine and if so requesting that they update the report on I hope this helps

PC 3009 Mark Webb
Hampshire Constabulary Marine Unit
Southern Training & Support HQ
Hamble Lane
SO31 4TS


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