ESPcat Survivalist

I have decided to become a Survivalist like Miriam Lancewood.’s-wilderness   OK, probably not exactly like Miriam but with Donald Trump starting WWIII, completing the solar powered boat project has become more urgent than ever.   I need to get off the grid and fast!

Yesterday, I installed the final window in Borderline so she is now lockable and watertight.   Actually you can’t even tell that there are new windows in this photo but trust me, they are indeed there.

2017-04-08 14.51.59

There are still a few holes to plug but those are minor details now that I am a Survivalist.  Us Survivalists like to rough it.

Google “survivalist” and you will note that being a survivalist seems to involve lots of knives and assault rifles.  It must be an American thing.  When I worked at the Union Oil Research Center, I had a friend named Diesel who had a survivalist bunker out in the desert somewhere.  Another research work mate named Bob had a desert hideout right near a spring and a whorehouse in Ash Medows.  My motorcycle riding friends and I visited Bob’s place several times.

ash meadows spring

My ideal of being a survivalist, involves sailing off to one of New Zealand’s less inhabited islands and making friends with the natives and eating lots of seafood.  Elephant Cove would be nice.  There are no natives to get along with.  Maybe another survivalist will turn up.
Elephant CoveI plan to ask Miriam and her husband Peter to spend some time on Borderline and give us some survival tips.

The next obstacle in the way of survival is to install a toilet door.  I asked Gallagher if a curtain would be sufficient but was informed that for “the big one” more privacy is required so a door is under way.  Building a door isn’t easy especially when nothing is square.  I will keep you survivalist, blog buddies informed.

I wonder who Donald will bomb next?  Isn’t it exciting; a halfwit has his finger on the button.  Let’s see; we’ve got Putin, Kim, Xi and Donald.  Just the sort of folks you would like to have over for dinner.  What could possibly go wrong?



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