ESPcat Tropical Cyclone

Cyclone Cook
Tropical Cyclone Cook is due today.  Should I be worried? The wind is starting to pick up.  Is Borderline secure?  I think I may be having a panic attack!  I’ll try a paper bag over my head.  It isn’t working because I can’t see the screen.   The rain will be here soon.  That blue bit is the rain on the radar and it is coming down from the tropics. Rain radar

Cook was really cool you know.  He is the one who discovered New Zealand.  Well he wasn’t really the one who discovered it as the Maori had already discovered it about 1000 years earlier.  Even so, Cook discovered it at about the same time the United States was declaring independence from England (it was 1769).

On Cook’s second voyage, he had with him the world’s first accurate clock so he was able to measure his longitude accurately for the first time ever and make accurate world maps for the first time ever.  You need to know the exact time when you look at a star in order to figure out your longitude.
Cook's second voyage

Cook’s clock (chronometer) was made by John Harrison, a carpenter and truly amazing dude.  Harrison’s early attempt was a bit huge and not quite accurate enough.
Harison's first clock

Harrison didn’t give up. He worked on the problem for another 20 years until he came up with this  5.2 inch (13 cm) diameter beauty which Cook used on his second voyage to New Zealand.
The Watch

Thanks to accurate measurements, we know exactly where Cyclone Cook is going to hit New Zealand and it is right on top of Borderline!  Holy Shit!


UPDATE 14:20 Thursday
map update
Just when it should be at its worst, we find ourselves in an area of calm.  There is almost no wind at all here and no rain.  I checked on Borderline and the water was like glass. Other parts of NZ are not so lucky.  Look at the end of the Coromandel Peninsula.  Great Barrier Island is right in its path.  Bay of Plenty including Napier and Hastings will be getting huge waves, wind and torrential rain.


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