ESPcat Wheelchair Friendly Door

There comes a time when you just want to be alone, away from the hustle and bustle of life.  To be surrounded by quiet and solitude in your own private place.  Well I have finally got ’round to installing that special door.  To some it’s just another door but for me it is the most important door on Borderline.  Without that door, there is no way that Gallagher is ever going to be persuaded to get on board for any length of time.  My boat buddy John (not slave John) has been known to do his business in a bucket but for women, the bucket is just not an option.

I enlisted the assistance of some slave labor for the final bolt and nut tightening.  I may have overworked Slave Wendy but Slave John seemed to be holding up under the strain.
2017-04-19 13.49.39     2017-04-19 13.49.49

A bit of judicious clamping was required to hold everything in place. 2017-04-19 09.07.26

The final result was a door to be proud of.  My friends and I will be able to spend many tranquil moments behind this most important door.  While I was at it, I installed a door on the storage room which is opposite the toilet.

I hadn’t noticed before but I now see that somewhere along the line, I changed the cabin layout a bit.
cabin layout

I have hinged the doors on the forward side rather than the aft side as shown in the drawing.  I have this crazy idea that I would like to make the toilet as wheelchair friendly as possible.  Wouldn’t it be great if a person who uses a wheelchair could captain Borderline and take her on overnight trips.

It certainly isn’t perfect but I think a wheelchair can reverse into the space in front of the toilet (that white bit in the center will be removed), slide sideways onto the throne, close the door, and away you go.  Likewise, It should be possible to slide onto the steering position with a bit of judicious ingenuity.    I will try it myself first.

I am thinking of getting rid of the built-in “U” shaped couch shown in the drawing and leaving things more open plan. I might even dispense with the cooking bench.  Slave Wendy thinks things should fold down from the wall.  Gallagher thinks there should be a curved seat against the curved stern rail.  Now that the special door is installed, anything seems possible.



2 thoughts on “ESPcat Wheelchair Friendly Door

  1. I’m giving up my rented, idyllic house, and giving away all of my belongings so that I can tent out for the summer and save enough money to get over there. OHhhver there, OhVer there. Gotta save my paintings and antique family letters, though, in case anybody descended, ‘specially Rob who has an interest, wants to see them. Your work must be seen.


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