ESPcat Exhausting

There is a life lesson here for Donald Trump and his half-witted military advisors.  Just because you exhaustively plan something in great detail, doesn’t mean your plan is actually going to work. Sometimes your plan has a fatal flaw which only becomes obvious when you actually try out the plan.

There has been a good deal of activity down at the boat club.  Here is Peter who has just finishing painting his bottom.  Isn’t that a sturdy looking little craft he has?  But all that bottom work isn’t what’s so exhausting.  Oh no!
edit 1

You know how sometimes you make a plan and figure it out down to the last detail.  Well that’s what I did.  Way back when I was designing the cabin for Borderline, I drew up a detailed CAD drawing which included a round hole on each side of the cabin wall.  Dave the CNC cutting guy cut those panels to perfection.  The round hole was exactly 285mm in diameter and was designed to fit a standard exhaust fan of the sort used in bathroom ceilings.  My plan  is to have an exhaust fan on one side for the shower/toilet and on the other side for the storage room.  That storage room fan would also extract cooking fumes from above the stove.   Now these fans are designed to suck the wet air from the shower and all those nasty fumes from the toilet, right up into the ceiling and into an outside air vent.  Well I wanted that nice’ round, plastic fan grill to be on the outside of the boat so a standard exhaust fan would be sucking when I wanted it to blow.  I had a plan.  What a plan!

Key to this master plan was that I would reverse the fan blades so that rather than suck the way that it is designed to, the exhaust fan would blow.  My plan to accomplish this master stroke, was to simply remove the fan blade thingie and flip it over and shove it back onto the motor shaft.  What could possibly go wrong?

Well here’s the thing:  Try drawing a picture of a fan blade viewed from the end of the blade.  Now tip the drawing upside down.  You will discover that the blade angle is unchanged.  The goddamed fan will still suck in the same direction as it did before you went to the trouble of turning the goddamned blade upside down!

Fortunately, I came to the above realization, before I actually installed the fan onto Borderline and actually tried to run it.  But unfortunately, the hole had already been cut.  It’s a bit like the way Trump ran around telling everyone how he as going to show that little fat shit Kim a thing or two about his threats to bomb the US only to discover that there wasn’t actually much he could do without starting WWIII.

Well, It turns out that I did eventually find a solution, not for the WWIII thing but for the exhausting fan.  I simply ripped the fan apart and flipped over the stator of the shaded pole motor.  For all you electric motor folks, you will know that this causes the motor to rotate in the opposite direction.  Some of you more curious blog buddies might be wondering how am I going to run an AC fan motor off 12v DC found in a boat electrical system.   Well, it turns out that you can purchase these little inverters for very little money:

And so it is that I snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. Look closely and you can see the nice, round grill on the outside of the modified exhaust fan where a hole used to be.
2017-04-28 14.14.23

While I was at it, I removed that white thingie from the center aisle and replaced it with some black bits made of my favorite material WPC (wood plastic composite).
2017-04-24 10.50.32

Looks like it’s time for a cleanup and a paint touch-up.  Progress is being made but the work is exhausting.

PS – I suggest that rather than starting WWIII, the US should enlist the support of China and Russia to curtail the atomic ambitions of fat, little Kim.   If Russia and China want the US to get the hell out of Korea, then perhaps that is what the US should do.  This war business hasn’t worked out particularly well in the past.


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