ESPcat Switches Switches and More Switches

Oh my God I just love switches!  This is John Glenn’s spaceship in which he became the first man to orbit the earth in 1962.
Mercury Spacecraft John Glenn 1962

I was just a callow geek of 17.  How could I not fall in love with switches.  There’s just so much to like about a switch.  I love the anticipation of flicking one, knowing something exciting is going to happen.  Will a motor start?  Will there be a soft hum.  How about a tiny puff of smoke or maybe a huge bang!  I have been designing automation systems for over 40 years and have never lost my love of switches.

Here is what’s got me all excited about switches recently.  I am wiring up Borderline and have just installed the first switch panel.  Can you see the switches?
2017-05-05 15.38.02

Perhaps a closer view is required.  You know you want to see them.  And here they are:
2017-05-05 15.12.13

I can’t wait to switch something on or possibly even off.


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