ESPcat Quantum Computing

Quantum computers are hard to see.   If you don’t believe me, take a look at this from IBM*
Quantum Computer

When Captain James Cook, first sailed close to the coast of Australia, the people walking along the shore didn’t even look up as his ship sailed by.  Cook’s Endeavour was so unlike anything that the Aborigines had ever seen, that they simply couldn’t take it in.  It’s a bit like a dog trying to understand a helicopter or me trying to understand quantum computing.Endeavout

If someone can create a quantum computer with 49 or more qubits, they will have the world’s most powerful computer.   So far we are up to 8 qubits.  The 49+ qubit thing will happen within the next 12 months.quantum computer 2

When you look at something like a quantum computer from D-Wave Systems that is completely out of your sphere of experience, it is really quite difficult to actually see it. **  What the hell are all those golden things anyway!   Why is it hanging upside down?

And so it is with the wiring of Borderline.  Am I drawing too long a bow here?  It is a bit difficult to look at.   What the hell does it all mean?  Maybe it just needs a good clean.

OK, maybe I am getting a bit carried away but this whole wiring business is pretty cool.  Is it as cool as quantum entanglement or “spooky action at a distance” as it is more colloquially referred to?  Perhaps not, but it is pretty cool all the same. One needs quantum entanglement to make a quantum computer work.  Everyone knows that.

I haven’t tidied things up yet as I have quite a bit more to do but I’m getting there with the wiring thing.  I confess; I just love every kind of technology!  I have been looking into lithium-ion batteries and flexible solar panels.  I’m taking my time so I can actually see them.  Yes, that’s the electric toilet I’m wiring up.  First things first.  The navigation lights and bilge pump come next.  Who knew that quantum entanglement had anything to do with Electric Solar Powered Toilets?




2 thoughts on “ESPcat Quantum Computing

  1. MY BRAIN DOES NOT COMPREHEND..all I got out of physics during our Monday morning class was the weekend gossip of who got drunk on Black Island over the weekend…”quantum” wasn’t around in those days that any or many had even heard about. Guys like you change the world and leave us none techies reaching for 18th century novels.




  2. Did you have to remind me Jody that I never got invited to those drunken parties on Black Island (wherever that is)? And furthermore, when I was at the University of Maine, while everyone else was out taking drugs and getting laid, I was in the library studying physics! Life was hard for us geeks back before Elon Musk proved that being a geek was cool.


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