ESPcat Shagged

I’m completely shagged.  As you can see, our shag friends have discovered the boat club.

5 shags

Their presence bodes well for the estuary.  I am reasonably sure that these guys are pied shag. *   Aside from dropping large quantities of shag shit, these guys are pretty cool.


The shags won’t hang around if there are no fish to eat so I am pleased to see them in such numbers. The reason these shags look so happy is that their NZ population has been increasing since the 1950’s. **

I am installing the rain guttering across the stern of the cabin top on Borderline.  I haven’t included a photo of the new guttering as it will be hanging at an odd angle until I can finish some custom brackets to hold things up.  The plan is to capture a bit of rain water off the cabin top for washing and showering.  I plan to install a separate, smaller tank for those who are squeamish about drinking roof water.DSC_0015



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