ESPcat America’s Cup 2021

I was certain that God had made a mistake when she allowed that dreadful Lary Ellison win the America’s Cup and take it to Bermuda.*
Larry Ellison

Well Blog Buddies, I was wrong again.  God knew exactly what she was doing.  She was simply taking the long view (which is what you do when you are God) and cranking up the excitement.  Now is the time to start thinking of 2021 and New Zealand because this is where the next America’s Cup race will be held.  The last time we had a Cup race here it was amazing but in 2021, it’s going to be fantastic!**

Just the spectacle of the harbor full of super yachts was worth seeing.  Although I’m not a fan of the accumulation of great wealth, you can’t help but be impressed by these floating palaces. It costs more than 10 million a year just to maintain some of these super yachts.  The America’s Cup in Auckland will make Bermuda pale into insignificance.  Auckland’s spectator fleet was amazing the last time; in 2021 it will be awesome! ***spectator fleet

The beauty of the America’s Cup in New Zealand is that there is something for everyone; unlike Bermuda which is reserved for the very rich and very famous wannabees.  Added to that is one more tantalizing possibility.  Here is what that spectator fleet could look like in 2021:
one more spectator boat

But wait; it gets better!  Imagine the ESPcat with your company logo across the side and you sitting on board sipping a nice New Zealand wine or two!  That’s right!  Companies are already falling all over themselves to sponsor New Zealand’s first pure solar powered, coastal cruiser for the lead-up to the 2021 America’s Cup spectacle.  The publicity generated will be more than money can buy!  Just think of the photo opportunities in the years leading up to the Cup race.  And then there’s all those magazine articles and endless TV discussions.  Maybe I’ll sponsor ESPcat myself!  Oh wait.  I already have.

Am I happy about the New Zealand victory?  You bet I am.  Is it just the prospect of all those lucrative, sponsorship deals?  Well maybe but I am mighty proud of Emirates Team New Zealand.  Didn’t they do well.


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