ESPcat #Cat’sCradle & a Bit of Electronics

There’s a problem.  You see that haul-out cradle with the sailboat on it?  Well I have to somehow get borderline onto that cradle so I can haul her out and paint her bottom.  I have been working from home lately since I had a little mishap and fell off Borderline.

It could have happened to anybody!  It doesn’t mean I’m old and likely to fall!  Anyway, a few stitches and it’s as good an new.  It all happened when I was installing the dolphin striker but more on that later.  Back to the cradle.

I have to build some thingies to allow Borderline to fit onto the haul-out cradle which is not built to haul out catamarans as you can see.  No problem!  Here is the first of 4 thingies under construction.
DSC_0095   DSC_0096


The thingies will fit onto the haul-out cradle and turn it into a cat’s cradle.  Get it?


Don’t forget that this project is all about solar powered boats.  I have purchased an Arduino Uno R3 which is a tiny computer control card for geeks of all ages.


The Arduino is one of those “open source” thingies that allows inventors to program it to control everything from robots to lithium battery solar chargers.  The Arduino is very popular with school children and geeks of all ages, so how hard can it be?  I am considering using the Arduino as part of the electronics that make up the battery monitoring system BMS for the lithium batteries.   I will let you know how I make out.




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