ESPcat Dolphin Striker #Nuclear

If you are wondering why these guys are looking so nervous, it’s not because I am sneaking up on then.  Oh no!  And yes, that is a white streak of shag shit right there on the wharf.  What has got these fellas crapping themselves is that they just heard that Admiral Scott Swift, commander of the US Pacific Fleet, has promised that he is ready to nuke China!*  Swift is just waiting the ok from that great asshole Donald Trump and a billion Chinese will be glowing in the dark; followed closely thereafter by several million, glowing Americans and so on and so forth around the world.  Not only is Trump a complete idiot, but he has early stage dementia to boot!  Do you see why those two guys on the end of the wharf are scared shitless?

But me, I’m not worried.  I’m so old that I am already waiting in the departure lounge but some of you younger blog buddies may have reason for concern.  The Admiral strikes me as a guy you can depend on.  Yes dependable, that sums things up.  Just like my dependable, dinghy.
Admiral Scott Swift

look, I just gave her a good clean.  I may need her to make a quick getaway like my shaggy friends.   It’s best to be ready.

I am preparing my survivalist bunker in the form of ESPcat.  She will never run out of fuel thanks to her solar power supply.  Will she be ready in time?  I have just added a bow roller and a dolphin striker.   That must count for something. dolphin striker and bow roller

The bow roller is the thing on the end of the bowsprit that the anchor warp (rope) goes through. The dolphin striker is the vertical member protruding below the bowsprit that supports the bowsprit when there is a large load applied to the anchor.  Large loads can be placed on the anchor if, for example, Borderline is struck by a large tidal wage caused by a nuclear blast!



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