ESPcat #GoingElectric

Every now and then history takes a big leap that changes everything.   As I work away on the solar powered boat project, I have come to realize what a huge change we are in the middle of.  We are, right now, living through a change equivalent to the Industrial Revolution.  This abandoned oil well equipment in California tells the story of the end of oil; an ending that will change everything.*
abandoned oil well equipment in California Renewable Energy

obsolete liquid fuled cars         Tesla Model 3 Specs

So what does this have to do with solar powered boats?  Where do you think you are going to get the diesel or gasoline for your boat in the future?  You aren’t going to get it because the liquid fuel distribution systems (gas stations) are gong to disappear.  Gasoline powered cars will be obsolete in 8 years!**  Because electric vehicles are so efficient, if all the gasoline powered cars were replaced by electric cars, that would only increase the electric energy consumption by 17%.***

So what does this mean for you, blog buddies?  Whatever you do, don’t purchase a new liquid fueled car or boat.  If you do, you will be left with a worthless turkey in 3 years.  In fact, if you have a relatively new car, you should sell it today and go for a cheap, used car until you can purchase an electric one.  As for boats, get a sailboat or go for an ESPcat.

Electric boats are the future of boats just as electric motors are the future power sources of cars and trucks. ****  Future electric boats will not necessarily be solar but I sure love the idea of someone quietly filling up by “boat tank” with solar power while I’m off riding my electric motorcycle.

By the way, for whatever it’s worth, I predict that we will not have many electric charging stations for cars because most cars will be charged overnight.

*** source: Meridian Energy New Zealand, Polly Atkins


6 thoughts on “ESPcat #GoingElectric

  1. So! No more going out at night to a favourite restaurant. Oh well. Fortunately I’m fairly confident this will not come to pass in our lifetime despite all the idiotic predictions. You get the idea I don’t agree with you. Looking forward to our next discussion over several bottle of red at a good restaurant!


  2. By the way I forgot to say she’s looking good. Just try not to fall off again. At our age (?!) it can be catastrophic. Maybe in with a chance of a sail next year?


  3. Of course we can still go out to restaurants. We will just be getting there in an electric car! As for it not happening in your lifetime; guess which car company is the largest seller of luxury cars: Tesla! Norway is banning gasoline powered cars by 2025. The Netherlands plans to do the same. France plans to ban them by 2040 (as you probably already know). Once people see the writing on the wall, petrol and diesel cars will disappear overnight. Don’t you know anything Nick?


  4. We’ll see. If I’m wrong I’ll buy you dinner after driving to the restaurant in my petrol merc!! Remember the paperless office?


  5. In the interest of factual information Tesla made 83 922 cars in 2016 of which 76 230 were delivered. Not sure how many caught fire! Mercedes made 2 083 888 in the same period.


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