ESPcat Mooring

One of the things that has kept me from going out on Borderline is the difficulty of picking up the mooring on my own.  Borderline is so wide (6.4 meters) that she is difficult to maneuver if she gets sideways to the tidal current.  I have learned from bitter experience that you can’t manhandle a boat of this size.  Everything has to be done under power.  If a rope gets fouled in your propeller, you are is serious trouble.

I wanted to go out and purchase a couple of those nifty Fergi mooring buoys but at that price I simply couldn’t afford it. Mooring Buoy

So I’ve been doing other things and trying to figure a way to come up with a low cost alternative.  I also need a two more fenders and those cost a $NZ 100 each for decent sized ones.  Time for a bit of DIY:DSC_0329

for $ 9 I purchased some sun resistant fabric from the local boat cover guy and for around $40 I bought Styrofoam balls etc. for some pick-up buoys.  A bit of sewing (after Gallagher set up her sewing machine) and I was ready to go.  The orange aluminum tube was a bit of old TV antenna.  The weight on the bottom of each float is a bit of lead from an old flashing.   Some leftover material I had from when I had Borderline sitting in the mud is the innards of the fenders and it all came together.  Now all I have to do is install everything on Borderline and see if it works.  Unfortunately, the only way to see if it works is to try it out.  I already know that lots of things can go wrong!

I have to say something about the Christchurch massacre.  Thanks to one crazy person, NZ has lost its innocence.  It is difficult to see anything good in a tragedy of this scale but I think our Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern managed better than anyone else on earth could have.*   Jacinda

On top of that, she introduced sweeping gun control legislation that is being fast tracked as I type and should be law within a week.  The coalition government has moved so quickly on gun reform that the NRA wasn’t given time to bribe or threaten anyone in a position to stop it.  The halfwits will have to find a new hobby.  As happened in Australia, I am looking forward to an overall drop in gun crime in the coming years.

Since the US is 100 times as large as New Zealand, it will take a massacre of 5,000 before the NRA and the halfwits can be beaten.  Something to look forward to?




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